• How to create an account?

    To create a Waywire account you should click on “Sign up” button and fill out the form on our website and send it to us. Our managers will get back to you immediately.

  • What is the price for the service?

    We provide individual service plan for each client. Please send us a message to get an offer.

  • How can I delete my profile?

    If you would like to discontinue your account with Waywire please contact your personal manager or send us a message and manager will contact you to confirm request.

  • Where can I see my statistics?

    Please log in to your Waywire account and then go to Channel>Review channel analytic will get analytic for your account.

  • What kind of rates and payouts can I expect?

    We provide individual plans for each of our customers. Please contact your personal manager for more information about rates.

  • I am a WordPress user, how can I embed a player?

    Please follow next steps to add waywire plugin for wordpress:

    • Download the plugin from the source (which will be a zip file). File can be sent over email as zip archive from our manager.

    • Next, please go to WordPress admin area and visit Plugins > Add New page.

      go to WordPress admin area and visit Plugins > Add New page
    • Click on the Upload Plugin button on top of the page. This will bring you to the plugin upload page. Here you need to click on the choose file button and select the plugin file you downloaded earlier to your computer.

      Add plugins -> If you have a plugin in a .zip format, you may install it by uploading it here.
    • After you have selected the file, you need to click on the Install Now button. WordPress will now upload the plugin file from your computer and install it for you. You will see a success message like this after installation is finished.

    • Once installed, you need to click on the Activate Plugin link to start using the plugin.

    • After activation is done you will get option to add Waywire video or Waywire playlist in text edit mode for your site/post. Put cursor on the palce where you want player to be and click on one of the options listed before. You will be asked to input video id code in order to create player. Video id code can be found in preferences of each video on its edit page in Waywire account. If you would like to add playlist, you should create playlist on Waywire account first. After that open playlist page and get its id, which must be put into player code.

  • How can I add a video from YouTube?

    Please log in to your Waywire account and then go to Content > Search and select Youtube as a source for search. Perform search and select videos from Youtube you want to add to your account’s library. After videos are selected click on ‘Add selected items to your site’ button.

  • How can I import a video from Facebook?

    Please log in to your Waywire account and then go to Content > Upload and paste link to Facebook video you want to add to your account. You should confirm adding video and after that it will appear in your account’s library.

  • What is video curation?

    It is the process of gathering video files relevant to a particular topic or area of interest, assembling them in playlists and creating players based on single video files or playlists for entertainment purposes like adding video content on website.

  • Do I need a website to be approved for an account?

    In order to utilize our service you should have website where you can get benefit from using our platform. In case you are planning to have one please send us a message and our managers will help you out.